Seminar introducing APA products in Nigeria

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APA United Nano Technology Co.,LTD is a veterinary manufacturer, built up based on joint venture capital between Thailand and Vietnam; we are proud to be a leading business in outstanding technology and remarkable improvement in Veterinary Medicine industry in Asia.

Last year 2016, APA BOD visited the 6th African Veterinary Association (AVA)/ 53rd Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) Annual, Joint Congress 2016, slated for Enugu. And during that event, we officially sign an exclusive distributorship with FDH Agrovet – a very strong and professional distributor in Nigeria.

On 30/12/2016, Director of FDH Agrovet – Mr. Akinwale Olufemi held an seminar at FHD office, to introduce APA products to poultry farm owners in Nigeria.

Dr. Olusegun Makanjuola – Director of Global Wyse Ltd, Ibadan, General Secretary for Nigeria Veterinary Medical Association, specialized in livestock consultancy.

Two highlighted products in the seminar are:

1/ APA Enro Mox P – Treatment of infectious diseases in poultry caused by bacteria sensitive to Enrofloxacin or Amoxicillin such as Pneumonia, bronchitis, C.R.D, C.C.R.D, complicated asthma or enteritis , diarrhea, metritis, inflammation in the ovaries of laying hens. Treatment of secondary infections after viral diseases.

2/ APA Flo Do P – A Broad spectrum Antibiotic for Treatment of respiratory diseases: C.R.D, pneumonia, pleuritis, pasteurellosis, gastrointestinal diseases: enteritis, gastritis, diarrhea, white-feces diarrhea, paratyphoid.

Around 10 poultry farm owners joined the seminar.
Sales & Marketing team of FDH in Nigeria.

In order to further boost the export of Veterinary Medicines into Asian and African markets, giving farmers high-quality products, promoting the development of the livestock industry across the regions, APA has been attending many trade exhibitions specialized in Veterinary – Fishery throughout Asia and worldwide. For updated information, as well as having the opportunity to join us in the event, please visit and like our at Fanpage APA NANO

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Hồng Huệ – APA Export team

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