Weaning in open housing, an alternative for the management of a production increase

This week, Veterinary Medicine APA will introduce a useful topic related to piglet care: WEANING IN OPEN HOUSING, AN ALTERNATIVE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF A PRODUCTION INCREASE By Abelardo López Ramos, source: www.pig333.com Evolution of production From the early 2000s …  Đọc thêm

Veterinary Medicine company APA: Histomonosis

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The histomonosis is a protozoan disease, caused by Histomonas meleagridis, and characterized by necrotizing lesions affecting the liver and the caeca. Clinically, sulfur-yellow coloured faeces and depression are observed. A characteristic feature is the blackening of the skin of the head (blackhead), due to cyanosis.

Short notes on Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) in Poultry

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CRD is a specific disease caused by one of the group of organisms known as pleuro pneumonia like organism (PPLO), but more closely defined is Mycoplasma; the particular organism directly associated with CRD is Mycoplasma gallisepticum with or without secondary …  Đọc thêm

Abortion and embryo / fetal loss

Abortion means the premature expulsion of dead or non-viable fetuses. Embryo loss occurs when there is death of embryos followed by absorption, or expulsion. Healthy embryos grow into fetuses. There is often alarm when an abortion is seen but it …  Đọc thêm

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