H5N1 detected again in Cambodia

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News from University of Minnesota – Dated 31 Jan, 2017.

Recently Cambodia reported its first H5N1 outbreak of the year, which affected backyard poultry. Cambodia’s veterinary authority reported that the virus is hitting more farms, with 2 provinces (Svay Rieng, Thom) reporting more outbreaks in poultry and wild birds. The most recent confirmed outbreak of the disease in the country was in May of 2016, in Kampot province.

H5N1 strikes Cambodian farms

News from WATTAgNet.com – BY JACKIE LINDEN ON FEBRUARY 6, 2017.

Cambodia’s veterinary authority has confirmed to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) an Avian Influenza-Highly Pathogenic (HPAI) outbreak caused by the H5N1 virus in a backyard flock. Cambodia’s H5N1 outbreak, its first since May 2016, struck backyard bird in Svay Rieng in the country’s southeast, on the border with Vietnam, the agriculture ministry said in a report today to the OIE.

The poultry owner reported poultry illnesses and deaths beginning on Jan 25, which triggered testing and an investigation. The virus killed 68 of 390 birds, with the remaining ones destroyed as a response step. Authorities also imposed movement controls and disinfected the affected area.

As well as this HPAI outbreak, a low-pathogenic avian flu of the H7N3 type has killed more than 90 percent of a flock of 4,000 village ducks in the province of Thom in central Cambodia.

Avian Influenza outbreak recently reported not only in Asia, but also in Europe like Finland, Africa like Nigeria, and even Americas. Without fast and strong actions, Avian Influenza may attack your birds and cause huge loss.

The only solutions for Avian Influenza are vaccination and bio security. Besides, good prevention program is highly recommended. First Avian Influenza vaccination should be at day 16th. To enhance immunity, and prevent stress caused by vaccination, should mix APA Antistress P (which contains Vitamin C 50%, Acid citric 50%) with feed or dissolve in drinking water for poultry to drink all day long. Second vaccination should be at day 45th. After vaccination, farmers should supply poultry with essential vitamins and minerals. APA Soluvita P is a very good source of necessary vitamins, amino acid, to improve growth of poultry, stabilize FCR and health to overcome stress after vaccination.


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