APA – Joining training & experience at fish farms in Cuu Long Delta and Cambodia

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For the purpose of strengthening cooperation with potential customers in Cambodian market, in May 2019, APA United Nano Technology Co., Ltd. sent our technical and marketing experts to Cambodia to join training of APA products as well as techniques for improvement of knowledge about aquaculture.

In Phnom Penh, experts of APA Nano Technology Co., Ltd. had the opportunity to introduce products of APA Nano Technology Co., Ltd. in the freshwater fish farming industry. The training event was ardently taken place with technical interaction and experience sharing from both sides. After the training, all the employees have a better understanding of the ingredients, indications and applications of the product. They are much more confident in technical advice, as well as sales. After that, the whole team also had the opportunity to visit the actual farms such as hatchery fish, commercial catfish, snakehead fish, and etc.

APA experts participating in the training at office of Apsara Agri Supplies.


APA experts counselling tests of fish slaughter, disease and parasite detection.


Catfish farming pond in Phnom Penh where APA products are applied.


Field training at farm pond of catfish and snakehead fish, in Phnom Penh.


Then in July 2019, in sequence of a strategy of market expansion and expansion, updating modern farming techniques and models, APA United Nano Technology Co., Ltd. formally invited experts from our partner – Apsara Agri Supplies to come to Vietnam for actual experience at farms in Cuu Long Delta.

For the initial step, we paid a visit the distribution agents of APA United Nano Technology Co., Ltd.; the model of farming pangasius, snakehead fish, catfish, and striped Raphael catfish in Dong Thap Province. The training and learning activities were exciting with lots of new knowledge. Employees of Apsara Agri Supplies are well-trained; therefore, it is easy for them to visualize and significantly understand the reality of production in Vietnam including species, farming process, market, and etc.

At once, the technicians also had the opportunity to contact and exchange information about the products that APA United Nano Technology Co., Ltd. are successfully applying at the fish farms.

Training at farming pond of hatchery pangasius.


Training at farming pond of snakehead fish.


Training at farming pond of striped Raphael catfish.


Training at farming pond of catfish (Clarias gariepinus).


APA representative giving souvenir to farm owners.

After the journey of training and practical experience in two countries where the aquaculture industry has existed for a long time, technical and marketing experts of APA United Nano Technology Co., Ltd., as well as our partner – Apsara Agri Supplies is really pleased with the results. The journey has brought all of us the huge opportunity to study and cultivate more valuable knowledge. We have learned from the local farm owners, seen the current situation, and deeply pondered the problems and solution that these farms are facing. Since then, they all have urged us to strive more, to contribute to creating good values ​​for Vietnam’s aquaculture industry in particular, and Southeast Asia in general. This is not only a journey, but also a bridge to bring the APA brand closer to customers.

Last but not least, we would like to express our deepest and most sincere thanks to our partner – Apsara Agri Supplies, as well as the farm owners in Dong Thap Province; for having enthusiastically supported and helped us to complete the journey beautifully.

For more information, as well as having the opportunity to join us in the event, please visit and like us at Fanpage APA NANO

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