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CERTIFICATE Eligibility for production of aquafeeds, aquaculture environment treatment products. No: TS000005 APA United Nano Technology Co.,LTD has been certified the eligibility for production of: – Aquafeed additive (liquid and powder). – Chemical, biological, vitamin, mineral products for aquaculture environment treatment …  Read More

Veterinary Medicine company APA: Histomonosis

The histomonosis is a protozoan disease, caused by Histomonas meleagridis, and characterized by necrotizing lesions affecting the liver and the caeca. Clinically, sulfur-yellow coloured faeces and depression are observed. A characteristic feature is the blackening of the skin of the head (blackhead), due to cyanosis.

Short notes on Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) in Poultry

CRD is a specific disease caused by one of the group of organisms known as pleuro pneumonia like organism (PPLO), but more closely defined is Mycoplasma; the particular organism directly associated with CRD is Mycoplasma gallisepticum with or without secondary …  Read More

Seminar introducing APA products in Nigeria

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APA United Nano Technology Co.,LTD is a veterinary manufacturer, built up based on joint venture capital between Thailand and Vietnam; we are proud to be a leading business in outstanding technology and remarkable improvement in Veterinary Medicine industry in Asia. …  Read More

APA’s success in VET ME 2017 – DWTC Dubai

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VetME is the Middle East’s largest and leading trade exhibition dedicated to the veterinary industry. It is one complete event about veterinary products and services, especially for poultry, dairy, camel, horse, birds… Thousands of exhibitors and visitors gathered in this …  Read More

Vietnam, South Korea suffer avian flu consequences

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More than one quarter of the layer population in South Korea has been lost to the disease in just six months. Among Asian and African countries, only Vietnam has reported any new outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in the last …  Read More

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